Positive Thought Positive Action Equals Successful ife

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Can you name one negative person with a successful life? Every successful person has had either a very positive person behind them or they had a very positive attitude. We need to start instructing or teaching our children the values of goal setting and planting or having a positive attitude. So many parents dont present a positive outlook or instill a can do attitude.

Strategy For Success

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In the quest towards achieving success and accomplishment in our lives, a systematic plan of action is needed. Without a plan even the greatest of efforts will be ineffective, eventually degenerating into frustration and wasted time. A guided plan allows one to utilize his/her talents and competencies to the fullest, by focusing them in a coordinated and strategic manner upon a specific outcome.

The aw of Attraction The Secret of Success aw of Attraction Classics: WW Atkinson

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Ever thought you could "feel" what people were thinking around you, however indistinct? W.W. Atkinson wrote in the early 1900s about this exact point that you could have an influence on those around you, just as they have on you. This is just another logical extension of the aw of Attraction, as Atkinson points out in this excerpt...