Anger: To Control or To earn

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The feeling anger can come from two different places within us. Anger that comes from an adult, rational place can be called outrage. Outrage is the feeling we have when confronted with injustice. Outrage mobilizes us to take appropriate action when harm is being done to ourselves, others, and the planet. Outrage is a positive emotion in that it moves us to action to stop crime and violence, clean up the environment, and so on.

CONTRO...who exactly is being controlled?

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"I have to ask myself it reasonable to control my significant others friendships, just in case they develop a sexual attraction?"

Control, Helplessness, and ove

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During my 35 years of counseling individuals, couples, families and business partners, I have discovered that an important purpose of our controlling behavior in our relationships is to avoid the feeling of helplessness. One of the hardest feelings to feel is helplessness. Most of us are unwilling to even know what we are and are not helpless over.